Raw Classic Black 1 1/4″ Size Rolling Paper – 24 Packs/Display

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  • Double pressed extra fine for thinness
  • Made in Alcoy, Spain
  • Unbleached and Unrefined Vegan
  • 24 Packs Per Box
  • 50 Leaves Per Pack

Raw Classic Black 1 1/4″ Size Rolling Paper

The RAW Classic Black 1 1/4″ size rolling papers are perfect for the daily smoker. Each paper consists of unbleached vegan paper. The black classic is double pressed extra fine for the perfect thinness. This helps you get more flavor and less paper smoke.

Made in Alcoy Spain, the RAW classic Black 1 1/4″ size papers come with 24 packs per box and 50 leaves per pack.


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