Raw Organic Hemp 1 1/4″ Size Rolling Paper – 24 Packs/Display

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  • Pure Hemp Paper
  • Natural Hemp Gum
  • All Natural & Additive-Free
  • 24 Booklets per Box
  • 50 Leaves per Booklet
  • 1200 Leaves Total

Raw Organic Hemp 1 1/4″ Size Rolling Paper

The RAW Organic Hemp 1 1/4″ size rolling paper is perfect for everyday smokers who love to roll up. These papers are 75mm in length (1 1/4″) by 44mm. They are made in Spain. Each leaf of paper is made of pure hemp paper and contains natural hemp gum.

Each display box comes with 24 booklets/packs per box and each pack contains 50 leaves. This is a total of 1200 leaves/papers.


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