Titan 10″ Stemless Turbine Water Pipe

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Titan 10″ Stemless Turbine Water Pipe

Whether you are a novice or an experienced smoker, this 10 inch tall water pipe is perfect for any smoker. Designed with a thick glass body and a sturdy base. The disc percolator instigates a whirlwind effect on the smoke being inhaled. There’s really no benefit to the whirlwind effect of your smoke. It’s just cool to look at!

Product info:

  • Size: 10″ tall
  • Joint: 14mm female
  • 5mm thick glass body
  • Thick round base
  • 4.5″ diameter base
  • Thick turbine percolator
  • 6 turbine blades
  • No carb hole
  • Available in various colors

Wholesale only. Not suitable for minors. Must be of legal age to purchase.


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